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Hua Mulan's Sword,Tang Horizontal Knife,Chinese Sword,Tang sword,High-performance spring steel,Longquan sword

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Sword Specification:
Blade Material: High-performance spring steel;
Sword Type: Handmade sword. Hand Forged;
Package Weight:1.3kg;
Overall Length:40.2"/102cm;
Blade Length:27.6"/70cm;
Scabbard: Pak wood core leather sheath;
Handle: Solid wood. Winding rope; 
Tsuba: Copper alloy;
Condition: Brand New;
Origin: Longquan Zhejiang China;
Accessories: Cotton sword bag.

1.length may have small error; can contact us if you need customized blade lettering or other changes;
3.we are the manufacturers. many commodities are now assembled. each shipment might be slightly different.
Please understand. thank you.
The sword is produced in Longquan. China. modern production.  

Sword maintenance of common sense:
Sword generally consists of three components: blade. sheath. and accessories. The main body. blade. is mostly iron. steel. copper. The sheath is made of wood. In order to avoid getting rusted. it should not be stored in damp place nor contact with sour. salty substances. Hand touch should also be avoided in case the surface got corroded by sweat. Oil should be applied on surface for maintenance for medium carbon steel. high carbon steel.pattern-welded steel(Damascus steel)material stainless steel blade.

Longquan sword:

Hammering and forging .the sparkle give a glimpse into Chinese history. It's inlaid and polished. force edge. and cultural interest. and intertwined with each other. With flexibility .strength. power. and grace. This weapon .embodies the view of the world. Iron ore is smelted to make pig iron. pig iron is refined into wrought iron. the wrought iron should be repeatedly folded for over 15 times. It is the same with the repeated folding of steel. If these two materials were smelted together. the should be folded repeatedly for over 20 times. After repeated forging and tempering. comes quenching and polishing. Then a Longquan sword begins to take shape. Longquan first became well-known in China's Spring and Autumn Period. Ou Yezi. the great sword making master had forged here the sharpest sword at that time. Longquan sword shines with breathtaking light. tough with sharp edges. unyielding yet flexible. and embellished with ingenious decorations. The hilt. the blade. the handguard. and the scabbard. and all ingeniously designed and painstaking forged. The sword maker has integrated his pursuit of Chinese culture in the sword forging process. Longquan sword has been repeatedly used by the Chinese government as the state gift presented to international friends. The sword glows with a noble spirit and strong energy and can bring us back to basics. A Longquan sword contains a small world. Every sword maker has tried to carry on the legacy of the Longquan sword on the basis of sword making techniques. They have added their distinctive understandings and pursuits of swords. Sword is used to witnessing history sword-forging to record the times. then it can spread the Chinese culture. Today. the Longquan sword has become the exercise equipment. Among modern people for physical fitness and treasure for gathering blessings and warding off evils. Longquan sword is often used as props in martial arts. props in martial arts and action movies home and abroad. Longquan sword. endowed with both grace and power is gaining various accesses to get known around the world.